Isaksen, A., Kyllingstad, N, Rypestøl, JO, & Schulze-Krogh, AC (2019), Entrepreneurial discovery processes in different regional contexts. A conceptual discussion.



This chapter aims to contribute to the existing literature on entrepreneurial discoveries and regional industrial development in three ways. Firstly, it aims for a better understanding of how different regional contexts affect entrepreneurial discoveries, the entrepreneurial process, and outcomes. Secondly, the chapter links conceptually regional contexts, entrepreneurial discovery processes, and regional industrial path development. Thirdly, it tries out one approach for studying entrepreneurial discoveries by focusing on key actors and regional innovation system changes that initiate cluster building processes. We use the regional innovation system (RIS) concept to characterise different types of regional contexts, while the notion of entrepreneurial discovery process introduces a dynamic element. EDPs need to be institutionalised in different ways through the support of RISs to be able to lead to path changes. EDPs will, however, also trigger changes in RISs, such as the emergence of new firms and possibly new supporting institutions. Thus, that the two concepts may complement each other.

Isaksen, Arne, Nina Kyllingstad, Jan Ole Rypestøl and Ann Camilla Schulze-Krogh (2019): "Entrepreneurial discovery processes in different regional contexts. A conceptual discussion." In Åge Mariussen, Seija Virkkala, Håkon Finne and Tone Merethe Aasen (eds.): The entrepreneurial discovery process and regional development. New knowledge emergence, conversion and exploitation. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 33-53.