Supervising is an essential part of scientific work at the university level. This year (2022), I am supervising five master's student theses.

Below, you can read more about the student theses that I have supervised at the master's and PhD levels in previous years.

In 2021, I supervised Vilde in her work with her master's thesis. Vilde investigated how business clusters can contribute to promoting the greening of industries. As part of her thesis, she analysed how the Eyde cluster, over time, has contributed to the greening of the process industry in Agder.

I supervised Kristoffer, who submitted his master's thesis in the spring of 2021. The thesis title was: 'How can clusters contribute to the sustainable restructuring of regional industries?'

Lars Bakkalia submitted his master's thesis at UiA in the spring of 2021. I was Lars's supervisor when he examined, theoretically and empirically, how clusters can contribute to further developing the industries in the region of Stavanger.

in 2021, I was the supervisor for Thomas Hansen in his work on his master's thesis. In his thesis, 'Mapping and exploration of an entrepreneurial ecosystem', Thomas analysed the ecosystem in the Arendal region.

In 2018, I was the co-supervisor for Cecilie Brunes's master's thesis. The main supervisor was Arne Isaksen. In her thesis, titled 'Knowledge links in clusters: How is knowledge linked in companies that are part of the Oslo Edtech Cluster?', Cecilie wrote about knowledge links in clusters.

I was a co-supervisor for Vegard Sjeggestad, who submitted his master's thesis in 2018. The thesis was titled 'Exploration of the Mandal region's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem'. The main supervisor for the thesis was Professor Arne Isaksen.