About me

I am Jan Ole Rypestøl. I am 58 years of age, married, and I have three adult daughters. I live at Flekkerøy, outside of Kristiansand, Norway.

I am a productive and skilled researcher affiliated with the University of Agder in Grimstad, Norway. I earned my PhD in international management from the University of Agder (2018), my Master of Science in Innovation Studies from the University of Agder and my Cand Mag degree (Candidatus Magisterii) in Social Sciences through a combination of yearly courses from various Norwegian universities. I research processes of regional industrial development by combining entrepreneurship research, innovation studies and economic geography literature. I publish my research in highly ranked academic journals like Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Geoforum, Regional Studies, Industry and Innovation, and European Planning Studies, to name a few. I have also authored several chapters in books published by Routledge, Springer and Taylor & Francis Ltd. 

In addition to my position at UIA, I also hold a 20 per cent position as a senior researcher at the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. At NORCE, I am head of The National Bank`s regional network in the southern region. Through quarterly reports, the network provides economic analysis important for monetary policy decisions at a national level.

I also gained extensive experience before my academic career began. For more than ten years I was an entrepreneur building an international business within the audio recording industry. From there, I continued for ten years within the domain of entrepreneurship training and teaching. I was a highly valued project leader of regional entrepreneurship projects and received awards for enthusiastic leadership and excellent results.  

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